About Me

Hi, I’m Ahmed Hassan

Graphic Artist/
Visual Artist/
Art Director

A highly motivated and results-oriented Graphic Designer with a strong background in broadcast media, interior design, event planning, and advertising agencies.

I conceptualize and design high-end business-to business and consumer-facing graphics, drawing inspiration from my keen observation of surroundings. My work strikes a subtle balance between client needs and my own distinctive artistic style.

I possess a wide-ranging understanding of design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Ross Xpression. Collaborating effectively as a team player, I am always open to suggestions and feedback from senior designers, artists, and clients. Currently, I’m seeking to join a creative team of designers at a company that values excellence.


HUM News

2017 - 2023

RTG Artist

Key Responsibilities

  • Produced and animated captivating real-time graphics, ensuring seamless storytelling.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues to maintain optimal broadcast quality.
  • Developed and executed thematic color schemes that resonated with viewers.
  • Championed clear communication of thematic concepts for end-user
  • Managed project workflows to meet deadlines and ensure efficiency.

AH Design Solutions


Creative Director

  • Led and mentored a team of designers and artists in advertising, interior design event planning and equipping them with the skills to deliver exceptional client experiences.



Theme Artist

  • Conceptualized and designed innovative interior products and thematic art.
  • Collaborated with colleagues, providing guidance on color
    schemes and aesthetics for advertising and interior design projects.


For almost Nine years, I’ve been helping clients of all shapes and sizes create beautiful and usable things. Having started my career in interior design, I learned how to design available space aesthetically catering for the user’s need which enabled me to grow professionally and motivated me to design in a bold and unique way which is clearly depicted in my work. I have been engaged in event management and advertisement where I got a chance to serve a wide range of cliental with varied and diverse needs.

I broadened my experience working as freelance Artist where I had designed Logo Designs, E-book covers, Flyers, broachers, info graphics, Web banners, billboards, etc. for both print and web media.

In 2017, I decided to work with broadcast and media industry and joined National Broadcast Channel where I got the avenue to work as Real time graphic Artist and creating design and animations for Talk Shows, Broadcast News, Dramas and Award Shows etc. The diverse nature of my job has further polished my aesthetic abilities and this is what makes my job amazing.

Not only are my clients diverse, but their projects are, as well. As a Creative Artist I can take on projects of all kinds, which allows me to tap into all of the experience I’ve accrued through the years.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Ross Xpression

3ds Max

Want to hire me ?

You can Whatsapp me at
+92 300-059-4880

Email: [email protected]

I love to hear from people who enjoy my work. Forgive me, however, if I can’t always respond, as I am only one person with a lot to do. But I do receive and appreciate your emails.

If you wish to interview me for a major project, please do contact me directly.

I do appreciate your interest.